Gedeon Richter

Project for 110 yers aniversary of Gedeon Richter

Project done while I was working at SoInteractive.
My role was to team lead, animate, lightning, shading, rendering, compositing.
With a small team we created at that time extraordinary animation which has won a price on Cannes Lions Festival ( )
Software used: Cinema 4D, After Effects
Direction: Konrad Szapała, Sławomir Koim, Maciej Miszkiel
Concepts and Drawings - Konrad Szapała, Sławomir Koim
Textures - Sławomir Koim, Maciej Miszkiel
Modeling - Marcin Polak, Maciej Miszkiel
Animation - Maciej Miszkiel
Rendering / Compositing / Postproduction - Maciej Miszkiel

Production: SoInteractive
Client: Gedeon Richter